Nursing scholarships

The Touchmark Foundation awards scholarships to support students pursuing degrees in nursing. In addition, the Foundation is supporting a special effort to increase the number of nurses available to teach tomorrow’s nurses. By helping to develop new nursing teachers, the number of nurses can be increased at a faster rate, and investments in nursing are leveraged for many years.

The Foundation places particular emphasis on student applicants pursuing geriatric nursing studies. Scholarships are available to students who live or pursue their nursing education in the states and province listed here:

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“I am so pleased to learn of my selection for your nursing scholarship. It is encouraging to know that my efforts to become a nurse specializing in gerontological care are supported by your foundation. This scholarship will lessen the burden of my student debt, and allow me more financial freedom to continue on to an advanced degree after the completion of my BSN program.”

-Laura Bradford

Senior Vision Program

The Touchmark Foundation has developed a program that addresses vision impairment in seniors. The Foundation collaborated with several Touchmark locations and their surrounding communities to acquire low-vision assistive devices, train staff, and develop programs to support people’s vision needs. The Foundation has been encouraging other communities to implement similar programs based on the experiences and outcomes of these pilot projects. The low-vision project demonstrates the power of the collaboration between the Foundation and Touchmark and the potential to create new and significant programs for seniors on a broad, national scale.

Fall Reduction Program

Another initiative is the balance program that addresses the importance of reducing falls in seniors. Thanks to a generous donation, the Foundation purchased and installed a Balance Master® in Bend, Oregon. The equipment evaluates a person’s balance and provides information for treatment regimens.

Holiday Food Box Project

A longstanding focus has been to help alleviate hunger in seniors and families. The annual holiday food box project has been serving people for many years and making a difference in their health and well-being.

Thank you again so much for Touchmark’s generosity this holiday season and all year long. Your support has brought immeasurable health and happiness to families in our community.”

-Olivia MacKenzie
 Assistant Development Officer
 Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation
 Cornelius, Oregon

The Touchmark Foundation was created to enhance the well-being of seniors, a population traditionally underserved in mainstream philanthropy.

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