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Nurse with resident

The Touchmark Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity founded in 2002 to enhance the well-being of seniors, a population traditionally underserved in mainstream philanthropy. While seniors have made great strides in the public policy arena through advocacy groups such as AARP, senior organizations that provide direct assistance or address long-term issues are few.

The Touchmark Foundation aims to become a national organization that improves the lives of seniors by addressing key issues that affect seniors’ lives now and in the future. The Foundation is well-positioned to assume this challenge because of its relationship with Touchmark retirement communities.

Guided by the vision of Founder and Chairman Werner G. Nistler Jr., Touchmark has demonstrated a firm commitment to providing leading-edge programs to enhance the health and wellness of seniors.

Working together, the Touchmark Foundation and Touchmark communities both benefit. The Touchmark Foundation gains insight on the most pressing needs and emerging trends in the senior population, while Touchmark communities, in turn, benefit as programs addressing seniors’ needs are implemented in those communities and beyond.